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My Singapore Food is a food revolution movement to save precious heritage recipes that we have grown up with. Real home-cooked recipes are saved on this website, where everyone is free to watch the step-by-step tutorial videos and cook the recipes themselves. Join us in inspiring all Singaporeans to pass down their precious heirloom recipes to future generations; so as to preserve the nostalgic taste of home-cooked food.

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Urgent help!

Do you or do you know of anyone who has a heirloom home cooked recipe to share? We are now shortlisting recipes to be featured in the cookbook.

Do join us in this worthy initiative to preserve our Singapore heirloom recipes before they are lost forever.

Email : karen@rolleyes.com.sg

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  • Home-Cooked Food

    At My Singapore Food, we believe that home-cooked food preserves some of the most important memories that make up a big part in Singaporeans. They are comfort food that we grew up with. It is important to retain this particular food heritage, so as to preserve our cultural and national identity.

  • Contributors

    Each of the contributors on My Singapore Food has been specially chosen and the recipe hand-picked by the My Singapore Food team for its unique story and delicious taste. They are believers of the goodness of home-cooked food and share our passion in preserving these heirloom recipes for the future generations.

  • Our recipes

    Our collection of recipes is specially curated for its home-cooked flavour and unique stories. Each of the dishes is full of nostalgic taste of family ties or friendship. As you cook any one of the recipes and savour each mouthful of the goodness, your heart will be warmed by the stories of those whose tummies were once comforted by the same home-cooked food.

  • Tell us what you think

    Be it a feedback on a recipe, or to play a part in this meaningful initiative, perhaps even to share your own heritage recipe so as to ensure its longevity, we would love to hear from you!

  • Best of MSF

    To get the best out of My Singapore Food website, sign up here so we could pair you up with your favourite recipes and save them with your profile. In other words, personalise your very own My Singapore Food profile. (coming up soon)

  • Cookbook

    Love the smell of paper and the feel of a book in your hand? You can now enjoy My Singapore Food in this limited edition My Singapore Food Cook Book. Sip your cuppa as you flip through the beautifully photographed coffee table book with full collection of the 50 heritage recipes. Order yours now: runner@rolleyes.com.sg

  • Volunteers

    If you share our passion in home-cooked food, and would like to safeguard your family’s culinary heritage, there is nowhere better than My Singapore Food to do just that. We warmly welcome you to record down your heirloom recipes and stories here before they are lost forever! Talk to us: runner@rolleyes.com.sg

  • Behind the kitchen

    We are a team of culinary marketers who are passionate about food and videos. We have so much to talk about when it comes to tantalising taste buds. Dine with us: karen@rolleyes.com.sg