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My Singapore Food, Preserving Our Heritage Through Home-Cooked Food

Posted by alexa | 6:47 pm

My Singapore Food (MSF, www.mysingaporefood.com) launches today in celebration of the 50th birthday of Singapore this month.

The website showcases short films of heritage home-cooked recipes by Singaporeans across diverse cultures, and shares the heart-warming personal story behind each individual recipe. The tutorial-style videos feature step-by-step cooking methods, which comes with detailed ingredients, guiding anyone of various levels of cooking experience through each recipe.

Home-cooked food, invokes precious memories, that make up a large part of what it is to be Singaporean. These dishes are Singaporeans’ comfort food, an integral part of heritage, culture and national identity. By documenting these recipes and their stories, MSF ensures their longevity and preserves the flavour of our home-cooked culinary heritage.

MSF boasts of a wide variety of home-cooked cuisines in its collection, from celebrity chef’s favourite steamed pork with prawn paste to grandma’s signature chicken soup for the soul. There are also recipes that have been passed down only within the family, and for the first time, these heritage dishes will be making their first public appearances on MSF.

For SG50 celebration, 50 recipes have been specially selected for release this year, from August through to December.

The contributors are from all walks of life, including the pioneer generation and youths. Even well-known bloggers like Kenneth Goh, and renowned culinary personalities such as Chef Eric Teo and Chef Bjorn Shen joined in with their favourite recipes.

Chef Benny Se Teo, Executive Chef of social enterprise restaurant Eighteen Chefs, says, “The significance of heritage home-cooked recipes is really under-estimated today. These dishes are what we grew up with and their tastes create some of the most important memories in our lives. I’m delighted that the importance and passion of home-cooked food will thrive through MSF.”

Karen Nah, founder of MSF, shared that her vision for MSF goes beyond the SG50 celebrations. She said, “I’ve met many inspiring Singaporeans, who are very generous and enthusiastic to share their heart-warming stories and delicious recipes. These special contributors are just as passionate as us in wanting to save their precious recipes so that they could pass them down to the future generations. We are going to continue contributing to this important part of Singapore heritage by furthering our cause with partners and many more contributors even after SG50.”