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About Us

My Singapore Food is a food revolution movement to save precious heritage recipes that we have grown up with. Real home-cooked recipes are saved on this customised website where everyone is free to watch the step-by-step tutorial videos and cook the recipes themselves.

Home-cooked food, invokes precious memories, that make up a large part of what it is to be Singaporean. By inspiring all Singaporeans to pass on their precious heirloom recipes to future generations, and documenting these recipes and their stories, MSF ensures their longevity and preserves the flavour of our home-cooked culinary heritage.

Singaporeans, from all walks of life, from renowned chefs and food enthusiasts in the culinary world, to grandma and third aunt, and even the mak cik next door, have been hand-picked to contribute their recipes and share their stories behind their unique dishes. Each video guides the viewer through each step of cooking, making it easy to replicate the dish in his or her own home.

In conjunction with Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, My Singapore Food is launching 50 recipes to celebrate the golden jubilee. These recipes are specially selected to be featured as part of the SG50 celebrations.

We welcome everyone to join us in this very meaningful journey, to preserve the heritage of our beloved Singapore home-cooked recipes by watching the videos to explore and rediscover the beauty of home-cooking.

Through My Singapore Food, a locally made project, Singaporeans will have a chance to savour and to keep our heritage alive and cookin’!