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Kana Chai Pasta

  • Serves 1
  • Easy

“If you have pasta, a couple of eggs and a jar of kana chai sitting in your cupboard, with some chilli and garlic lying around, you’ve got yourself a full meal.”


How old were you when you started cooking? Maybe 6? I started making pancakes. I tried making one in the shape of a car, but it came out looking like a poodle instead.

Personal wish related to cooking: I wish that I would one day overcome my addiction to Korean instant ramen. Soon. Because it’s not helping with my weight and hair loss situation.

Bjorn Shen , Crazy guy of Artichoke


  • 1 serving pasta, preferably spaghetti

    2 tsp kana chai (Chinese preserved olives)

    1 pc red chilli, sliced

    2 cloves garlic, sliced

    2 pcs shallots, sliced

    1 egg

    A pinch of sea salt, to taste

    ½ tsp soy sauce

    Vegetable oil

    Chilli pepper, for garnish (optional)


    Cooking the Pasta:

    1. Turn heat to high and bring water to boil in a pot.
    2. Add pasta into the pot. Stir continuously till it comes to a gentle rolling boil.
    3. Cook as per instructions on the pasta packet, taking 1 minute off the recommended time.
    4. Heat up frying pan on high.
    5. Add vegetable oil, enough to cover base of the pan.
    6. Turn heat to low. Add garlic and chilli. Saute till the edges on the garlic turn golden brown.
    7. Add kana chai. Mix well and add a pinch of salt.
    8. Turn off heat, then add shallots.
    9. Set the pan next to the pasta pot. Turn the heat to high.
    10. Transfer the pasta with a pair of tongs directly into the pan, letting the high heat in the pan create an emulsion with the pasta.
    11. Lightly toss the pasta in the sauce, coating every bit evenly.
    12. If it is looking a bit dry, add a spoonful of pasta water into the pan.
    13. Turn off the heat. Add soy sauce.
    14. Serve immediately with a fried egg on top.


One serving of spaghetti is about the size of a 20-cent coin when bunched together.