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Hakka Pancake Roll

  • Serves 4
  • Easy

Just like life, it is important to enjoy the present, and enjoy the pancake roll now, instead of planning only for the future and lose the flavour of the moment!


How old were you when you started cooking? 25 years old

Personal wish related to cooking: To document and re-invent all the recipes handed down by my family.

Gina Choong , The Aunty who loves to cook for the family, and the mascot at Kitchen Capers.


  • 170g tapioca flour

    2 eggs, beaten

    3 tbs fried shallots

    50g dried shrimps

    250ml water

    A pinch of salt

    2 tbs fried shallots oil

  • Optional for the batter

    1-2 pcs chilli padi, sliced and deseeded

    A handful of spring onions (green stalks only), thinly sliced


    1. Mix tapioca flour with water in a mixing bowl.
    2. Add beaten eggs to the mixture and combine well. Set aside batter.
    3. Heat up 1 tbs of fried shallots oil in a wok.
    4. Add dried shrimps. Fry till fragrant.
    5. Dish out the dried shrimps and add to the batter.
    6. Add fried shallots and salt to the batter.
    7. Heat up 1 tbs of fried shallots oil in a wok again.
    8. Add a soup-ladle full of batter and slowly pour into the centre of the wok.
    9. Turn heat to low. When the sides of pancake turn brown, use the ladle to flip and roll it up carefully.
    10. Gently push the pancake roll on the side of the wok, allowing it to rest and crisp.
    11. Remove from wok. Cut into serving size. Serve immediately.