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Teochew Orh Nee



Tan Connie

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  • Yam (about 700g after cutting into bite-size)
    1 small section pumpkin
    Gingko nuts
    Fine sugar
    Shallots, sliced
    Cooking oil

    Coconut milk

    A pinch of salt


    1. Remove the skin of yam and cut into pieces (wear gloves when handling yam).
    2. Wash and drain.
    3. Same for pumpkin, remove skin and cut into pieces.
    4. For gingko nuts, crack open the nuts. Remove each piece of nut stem with a toothpick by gently piercing through so that it remains as a whole. I usually do this ahead - wash and freeze it as it takes time. When needed, coat with sugar and soak overnight before use.
    5. Steam the yam in a tray for about 30 to 40 minutes or till soft with some liquid oozing out.
    6. Remove from steamer and mash it till smooth while hot.
    7. Next, steam the pumpkin till soft. Remove from steamer and mash it till smooth while hot.
    8. Steam the sugar-soaked gingko nuts till the nuts will look slightly puffed up. Remove from steamer drain.
    9. Heat the wok with oil. Fry the sliced shallots till fragrant. You will need to collect quite a fair bit of oil for later use. Scoop up the fried shallots for other use. We need the oil only.
    10. Pour the mashed yam into the same wok and fry on medium heat. Add the shallots oil when it starts to dry. Do not let it get burnt.
    11. Move the wok away from the stove each time sugar is added to prevent the sugar from getting burnt. Then put it back on the stove again. The heat will melt the sugar into the paste and at same time avoid being burnt. Do this a few times till u get your desired texture and sweetness level.
    12. Turn off the heat and scoop into individual bowls. Serve with pumpkin puree and gingko nuts. 
    13. Cook in a small saucepan some coconut milk and add a pinch of salt. This can be used as a drizzle when serving.


As my recipe is prepared all from scratch, please factor in more time as it is quite time- consuming.