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Har Jeong Kai (Prawn Paste) Burger

  • Serves 4
  • Average

Prawn paste chicken has always been my favourite dish since younger days. I have create a fusion version with more depth paired with a slaw for better taste combination.


Tim Chia


  • Prawn Paste Chicken

    4 nos Chicken thigh

    25g Shrimp paste

    5g Sugar

    8g Sesame oil

    13g Chinese wine

    1g White pepper

    40g Plan flour

    40g Potato flour

    23g Egg

    1g Bicarbonate of soda

    1g Baking powder

  • Thai Lime Chilli Sauce

    100g Thai sweet chilli sauce

    2 nos Kaffir lime leaves

    1 tbsp Lime juice

  • Tri-colour Lime Slaw

    100g Red cabbage

    200g Green round cabbage

    100g Carrot

    10g English parsley

    40g Lime juice

    60g Olive oil

    16g Sugar

    10g Garlic (minced)

    4g Salt

    4g Black pepper

  • Burger Build

    4 nos Burger bun

    1 no Green butterhead lettuce

    4 slices Tomatos

    1 tbsp Mayonnaise

    20g Onion marmalade


    Prawn Paste Chicken

    1. Debone chicken thigh.
    2. Combine all ingredients together.
    3. Marinate overnight.
    4. Deep fry at high heat till golden brown and serve.

    Thai Lime Chilli Sauce

    1. Chop lime leaves finely.
    2. Mix all ingredients together.
    3. Brush on whole chicken.

    Tri-colour Lime Slaw

    1. Slice both green and red cabbage finely.
    2. Grate carrot finely.
    3. Combine the lime dressing together.
    4. Whisk till the lime and oil incorporated together.
    5. Mix the dressing and vegetables together.
    6. Leave for 2hours in the fridge before consuming.