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Steamed Dang Gui Chicken with Black Fungus



Shirley Tay

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  • 1 medium Chicken

    25g Black fungus

    7 seedless Red Dates

    2 big slices of Dang Gui

    2 tsp Wolfberries

    25g Ginger, shredded (or according to preference)

    ¼ cup Water

  • Marinade for Chicken:

    3 tbs Oyster sauce

    2 tsp Soya sauce

    1 tsp Salt

    1 tsp Cornflour

    1 tbs Sesame Oil

    1 tbs Chinese cooking wine

    Pinch of Pepper


    1. Soak the dang gui, fungus and dates till soft. Drain. Cut dang gui into slices and remove roots from fungus. Set aside.
    2. Cut up chicken and remove unwanted parts, skin and fats. Marinate for at least an hour.
    3. Lay fungus, some ginger and herbs on steaming dish and top with chicken. I like to put the fungus at the bottom so that the juices from the chicken will flow down to the fungus making them more flavourful.
    4. Lastly, put the rest of the ginger and herbs on the chicken. Add water and give it a gentle stir.
    5. Steam chicken for about 20 mins. I use my microwave to steam, so I put a clingwrap to cover the chicken and put on auto steam. To check if chicken is cook, the toothpick will penetrate into the meat easily without any resistance. 
    6. Mix well and serve hot! Drizzle more wine if you like!