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  • Serves 2 - 4
  • Easy

It only requires 30 minutes to prepare this recipe. I learnt this from my mum who learnt it from my grandma.


Chef John Sawarto , Your private chef


  • 10 pandan leaves, sliced to about an inch length

    100g mung bean flour, sifted

    1/2 tsp alkaline water (optional)

    pinch of salt

    45g sugar

    650 ml water

    500ml coconut milk (to mix with pinch of salt)
    100ml gula melaka syrup or as needed


    1. Put chopped pandan and about 50ml water to blitz in a blender.
    2. Strain the mixture to about 650ml of pandan water.
    3. Mix pandan water with mung bean flour.
    4. Add salt and sugar.
    5. Cook the mixture over medium heat and whisk continuously to prevent the batter from getting burnt at the bottom.
    6. Prepare a tub of ice water.
    7. Press the chendol batter onto a perforated ladle and allow the mixture to drop directly into the cold water. Drain chendol from ice water and use.
    8. Garnish the chendol with gula melaka syrup and coconut milk.
    9. Stir with ice cubes before serving!


You could top up with more ingredients like corn and attap chee. You can choose to chill in the fridge before you serve.