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9-Layer Kueh 九层糕

  • Serves 8-10
  • Easy

“The making of this kueh is a carefully handcrafted process, which requires patience, dedication and love; each layer must be treated with delicacy.”


How old were you when you started cooking: When I was 30 years old.

Personal wish related to cooking: I wish to have time to try out more new kueh recipes for my family and friends.

Christina Chew Kim Lan , "Maria" to my children


  • 400g tapioca flour, sieved

    80g rice flour, sieved

    1kg coconut milk

    6 ½ cups water

    400g white sugar

    ¾ tsp salt

    Pandan leaves

    5 different food colouring, depending on personal preference


    1. Boil the sugar and pandan leaves in a pot of water.
    2. Add a pinch of salt. Boil till the sugar dissolves completely.
    3. Set aside to cool completely.
    4. Mix tapioca flour and rice flour together in a mixing bowl.
    5. Add the pandan leaves-sugar mixture to the flour mixture. Mix well until a smooth consistency is achieved.
    6. Sieve the coconut milk and add into the dough mixture. Mix well until a smooth and silky consistency is achieved.
    7. Divide the mixture equally into 5 bowls.
    8. Add a different food colouring to each bowl.
    9. Brush a tray with oil that has been cooked with pandan leaves.
    10. Put the tray in a steamer, be careful not to drip water vapour into the tray.
    11. Steam each coloured layer for about 5 minutes, starting with the white layer and ending with the brightest colour.
    12. Repeat the process until the mixture is used up.
    13. Remove the tray from the steamer and set aside to cool completely.
    14. Remove kueh from the tray and cut into serving portions.
    15. Ready to serve.


Strain the coconut milk and sieve the flour to achieve a smooth consistency.