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Fried Chicken Wings with Kicap Manis

I was introduced to this dish as a after school snack from my dad, yes daddy made this!


I was introduced to this dish as a after school snack from my dad, yes daddy made this!

As he is a night shift worker he will be the one feeing for us(me and my sister) during the day when my mom is busy with her day job.

We had this dish at least 4 times a week and it is always something I look forward for. When I’m in class, back then I was in primary 3, In school the students will gather around and talk about after school home-work and most of the time I wasn’t paying any attention as all I can think of is this hot, juicy, crispy chicken wings that dad will give me when I reach home.

So I was very eager going back from school- reached home dropped my bag and took my T-shirt off and with just my PE short on I ran into the kitchen and there was it! On the kitchen table a piled of my favourite chicken wings just waiting for me, so I pulled a chair, sat down look around me and dad wasn’t in the kitchen so I lean over and try to grab one on the chicken wings, little that I know that the plate was so hot and it actually hits my chest that left a burnt mark for months. Well of course my little sister was there to witness it all and had a good laugh! (I think she knows that the plate was hot as I am sure dad will warn her, but she choose to quietly wait. you evil sister!)

Then years later my dad thought me to cook this recipe and it was one of the first dish I learn from my family when I was 12. When asked how did this recipe was created, dad just says it was what is left in the fridge that day so I mixed it all in and it turned out quite delicious.

In 2012 I had a great opportunity to work in Chendu China being far away from home I got home-sick often and this will the quick fix for that. It was then I created the dipping sauce for the wings, the flavours of the sauce is perfect for someone that is missing home being born and raised in Singapore just like me. I then will cook this recipe and invite friends over on every poker night!

Until today every time I invite my sister and my dad home for a quick meal whenever I cook this recipe it brings us back to those wonderful memory growing up. So I guess the other reason that is related to my first food memory as a child is not only that this is my Fav food growing up but it has made a mark close to my heart literally.

I hope that this recipe will continues with family and friends and eventually pass down to the next generation and so on.


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