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‘Yong Tau Foo’ Stuffed Green Chilli



  • 14 to 15 pcs green chilli
    280g minced pork
    Garlic, minced
    White pepper, 3 dashes
    Light soya sauce, 1 tbsp
    Dark soya sauce, 4 tbsp
    Water, 3tbsp


    1. Marinate minced pork with white pepper and light soya sauce.
    2. Clean and cut slits on the green chillies (at the side where the 'tail' curves in). Remove the insides of the chillies.
    3. Stuff the marinated pork into the chilli.
    4. Air-fry the chillies at 180 deg for 5 minutes. Shake it gently and air-fry for another 160 deg for 6 minutes. You can use oil to fry it as well (that's what I did before I have an Air Fryer). So long the skin of the chillies are a little wrinkled, it's done.
    5. Heat oil in wok and toss in the garlic.
    6. Once garlic is brown, toss in the chillies.
    7. Add water and dark soya sauce, stir well and serve!