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Sweet Potatoes Kueh



Chai Mei Hong

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  • Kueh (Ratio of flour to water - 1:1.25):

    350g Sweet potato flour
    437g water
    Pinch of salt

  • Frying ingredients (I fry it like Char Kway Teow):

    Dried shrimps, chopped
    Dried mushrooms, sliced
    Bean sprouts
    Spring onion, chopped
    Garlic, minced
    Eggs 4 pcs (for my quantity of kueh) – Beaten and mix with some soy sauce

  • Seasonings:

    Fish sauce
    Sambal chilli
    Homemade XO Sauce (optional)
    A dash of Dark soy sauce (optional)
    A dash of Light soy sauce


    Making the Kueh:

    1. Divide water into 2 portions. a) 291g (2/3 of 437g) ~ To mix with flour b) 146g (1/3 of 437g) ~ To mix with salt n heat over stove top
    2. In a mixing bowl, mix (1a-291g water) with the sweet potato flour. Keep stirring to prevent the flour from sticking to the bottom.
    3. In a saucepan, add (1b-146g water) with salt together. Keeping the fire on low, gently heat up the water.
    4. Sieve the mixture in Step 2 to another bowl to remove any lumps (I use a stand mixer).
    5. Once the saucepan of water has been gently heated, remove it from the stove. Scoop a small ladle of mixture in Step 2 and add it in Step 3, stirring constantly.
    6. Pour Step 5 into Step 2, stirring constantly to ensure an even mix.
    7. Pour the semi-cooked mixture into an oiled stainless steel pan.
    8. Steam at medium high heat for 1 hour with a foil covering the pan to prevent water vapour from dripping onto the kueh.
    9. Insert a skewer to the centre of the kueh to test whether it has set.
    10. Cool completely and refrigerate for at least 12 hour or overnight.
    11. Cut into small rectangular shape with a thickness of about 0.5 mm. Set aside for frying.

    Cooking the dish:

    1. In a heated wok, saute dried shrimps n mushrooms till fragrant. Dish up. Add some more oil if not enough. Saute minced garlic, sambal chilli, XO Sauce (if using) till fragrant. Add in No. 1 to mix well.
    2. Add in prawns and stir-fry a while, followed by the sweet potato kueh. Stir and mix evenly.
    3. Drizzle some water. Mix well. Cover with a wok cover to cook the prawns for a while.
    4. Add your preferred seasonings. Do a taste test and adjust accordingly.
    5. Add in bean sprouts and spring onions. Sprinkle some water. Mix well.
    6. Do another taste test. Adjust to your preferred taste
    7. Lastly, drizzle in the beaten eggs. Let it simmer for a while. Do not stir. Let the wok heat char the kueh and cook the eggs mixture. Dish up and serve.