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Assam Laksa

  • Serves 5-7
  • Difficult

“It was full of flavour – aromatic, spicy, sweet, sour and salty, all in a bowl of noodle soup. The flavoursome fish broth was very appetising and really opened up my palate.”


How old were you when you started cooking?  When I was a child helping my grandma and aunty in the kitchen.

Personal wish related to cooking: I wish to carry on the tradition of spending intimate bonding moments with my children and future grandchildren, as well as pass on my culinary skills.

Chew Lay Hua , Staff Nurse by day, dedicated wife and mother by night.


  • Rempah/Paste:

    12 pcs shallots

    6 cloves of garlic

    4 slices galangal

    1 small piece turmeric

    15 pcs dried chillies

    5 pcs chilli padi

    4 pcs buah keras

  • Stock:

    1/2 pot of water

    1 packet assam paste

    1/3 packet belachan

    3 stalks of lemon grass, washed and lightly bashed at the roots

    3 pcs ikan kembong

    4 pcs assam skin, washed

    1 tin of sardines

  • Seasoning:

    2tbs sugar, or as desired

    1tsp salt, or as as desired

    600g laksa noodles, cooked in hot boiling water, rinsed and drained. (Set aside for later)


    1/2 a head of lettuce, thinly shredded

    1/2 a pineapple, thinly sliced

    1 pcs cucumber, thinly sliced

    4 pcs chilli padi, cut

    1 pcs rojak flower, finely shredded

    1 handful of mint leaves

    1 tbs shrimp paste per bowl, or as desired

    Small amount of fish flakes


    1. Pound or blend ingredients to form rempah.
    2. Crush belachan and mix well into the rempah.
    3. Bring a small amount of water to boil.
    4. Add in fish and boil till cook.
    5. Remove fish, flake and debone carefully.
    6. Set aside for garnishing. Reserve fish stock.
    7. Add assam paste to remaining water and mix thoroughly.
    8. Sieve the liquid mixture and reserve the assam water.
    9. Bring the assam water to boil.
    10. Add fish stock, lemon grass, rempah and assam skin.
    11. Boil for about 1/2 an hour.
    12. Add sardines and continue to boil for another 15 minutes.
    13. While stirring, crush sardines to smaller pieces.
    14. Place noodles in a bowl and scoop boiling hot soup over the noodle.
    15. Garnish and serve hot.